Otros Ministerios

Ministerios hermanos que compartimos el mismo mensaje para preparar al pueblo de Dios.


The School of the Prophets is a seventh day keeping, Spirit of Prophecy believing institution. Their mission is “the harmonious development of all the physical powers and the mental faculties,” as well as, an education in “the love and fear of God».



The Certainty of Prophecy is a ministry located in Zimbabwe whose burden is to bring the knowledge of end-time events and the preparatory work for the time of trouble to the attention of Seventh-day Adventists through written material, video and audio media, training schools, Bible study groups, and prophecy schools. It seeks to give special focus to the training of missionaries to do a work in the African part of the Lord’s vineyard.


Preparation University is an online school and publishing house dedicated to spreading the three-angels messages of Revelation 14 as identified by the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy. Our teaching and publishing focuses on instructing Seventh Day Adventists in the history and foundational principles of this prophetic movement. We also foster the understanding of present truth as brought to view by Daniel 11:40-45, and provide a range of tools to assist in sharing it more effectively.

DEB-Ministries declares the end from the beginning for all Dutch speaking people around the world. Their purpose is to provide a reliable source of information on present truth, Bible doctrines and church history in the Dutch language.



History & Prophecy is a blog run by present truth believing individuals. Their goal is to expound upon “the long continued conflict between truth and error.” A variety of topics are herein covered.



Prophecy Helps 101 is an index of various lines of truth that have some to light since the Christ has unsealed the eleventh chapter of Daniel. They provide a range of information on the prophecies that have been and are being fulfilled.




Lambert Community Fellowship is a present truth church located in Arkansas which publishes a weekly sermon as well as a Sabbath school lesson study on YouTube.




The Midnight Cry is an index of the presentations made by various ministries from 2014 to the current day. They offer a weekly email subscription which provides the most recent topics and presentations.





End Time Truth is an index of the present truth presentations that have been made around the world throughout the past several years. There are also plaint text links provided to read all of the conflict of ages series.




Repairers of the Breach is a ministry located in Gold Country, Plymouth, California which is devoted to the promulgation the present truth. Our objective is to give the third angels message, which is to prepare a people to stand in the day of God, that the breach might be restored according to Isaiah 58:12.